Monday, 7 May 2012

A bit about us

I know I missed a couple of days, three to be precise, but it was such a beautiful weekend, and for those of us lucky enough to be living in Queensland, it was a long weekend.  Thank you Labour Day, and I just had to have a break away from the old PC to spend some quality time in the garden, with my girls of course.

They do enjoy being out in the garden, and when I say garden they have two acres to play around in, complete with chooks to look after, birds to chase and the scent of hares to track. They also like to curl up on my newly planted garden beds but that’s a whole other story.

While my girls frolic around, hubby and I work our combined butts off, although I have to say that I do the majority of the work.  You see he has a real job while I stay at home and write.  I must say that it works out really well, you’d be surprised how many ideas have popped into my mind while I have been sitting on the ride-on mower; not least of which is that I need to buy a new sports bra! It’s a bit bumpy out there.

Anyway, hard work aside we both derive an enormous amount of pleasure from our home. Should you happen to drive by, you would see us sitting outside at 5:45 every morning (weekends are later of course) for our cup of coffee and breakfast. Yes even in winter…we may be wrapped up in flannel jammies, socks slippers and dressing gowns, not a pretty sight I’ll admit, in an attempt to beat of the early morning chill…but we will be there.

Misty Mornings
Evenings are a little different, when hubby used to work from home we would be outside with a cold beverage, (yes… most likely alcoholic) in time to enjoy the sunset every evening, now that he has a real job and is rarely home before dark, we miss out on that but we make sure that we make the most of our weekend evenings.

We are defiantly what you would call ‘out-doorsie-people’ and it is not unusual for us to be out until early in the morning when there is a full moon, either doing a spot of full moon gardening or simply sitting in the middle of the lawn, glasses in hand and the girls by our side as we chat about everything and nothing.

Partial Eclipse 2012
I have to admit though, there are times when I look at the girls lying stretched out under the stars and I envy them their fur coats, (not that I would EVER buy one) they are so snug and warm while we shiver in our thin skins, and I wonder what it would be like to run without cumbersome clothes and shoes to trip me, naked, warm and following the scents that float on the cool night air.  It’s about that time that I think that maybe I’ve had enough wine or… maybe it’s the wolf in me trying to come out to play

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