Sunday, 27 May 2012

Willow's Progress

I have been remiss in not keeping you all updated with Willow’s progress.  If you are unsure as to what I am referring to, please read my blogs named, Troubling News and So Far so Good.
Willow is doing great, her wound is all but healed and she is full of beans.  Her vet was a bit concerned that there may have been traces of the spindle cells in Willow’s blood, but an extensive amount of blood work has all come back negative.  My beautiful girl is in the clear and is no longer at risk from the dreaded Big C.

Beautifully Healed
We all sighed a big sigh of relief at that news, including Alba who is really happy to have Willow back; not back to normal, but back to better than normal.  In the past playing with Willow was a bit like playing Russian roulette for Alba, she never knew if Willow was up for a game, or up for bully session. 
I mean, Willow never really hurt Alba, but the threat was never far below the surface.  Hubby and I often joke that if the girls were human, Willow would play rugby, because just runs and shoulders anyone out of her way.  Alba on the other hand would play soccer, because you just need to breath heavily on her and she falls down on the ground crying foul play. (My apologies to any soccer fans) But I digress.  Since Willow has had the tumour removed she has been like a new dog.  She initiates games with Alba, plays much more gently than before and tolerates Alba far better than she has done in the past.
Now in my ultimate wisdom I disclosed my theory for this miraculous change. I believe, I told the vet, that Willow knew she was sick, and now that the tumour has been removed she knows that she is no longer in danger and is much happier for it. The vet smiled at me with one of those smiles you get when someone is trying not to tell you that you are an idiot, and informed me that a more feasible explanation would be the painkillers that Willow has been on.  Seeing my blank look she continued further until the penny finally dropped.  You see, as well as relieving the pain from her operation the pain killers’ also relieved Willows constant pain due to her hip dysplasia.
When I thought about it, it made perfect sense.  Willow as always been a bit rough with Alba, but she only had the tumour for about four months. While Willow has had hip dysplasia since she was about 8 months old.  I manage this with supplements and pain killers, when I think she needs them. Sadly I realised that she has been a lot tougher than I would have been, that’s the rugby player in her again, and that she has been in a lot more pain than I realised.  
I’m gonna getcha!
So the silver lining in all of this nasty business is that now Willow is on regular pain relief, she is relatively pain free and as a result is happy to have a bit of a rumble with Alba. It has taken Alba a while to gain her confidence when she plays with Willow, but she is getting there and more and more often I see them having a good, fun play together.
Yes, I do feel a little guilty for not realising that Willow has been in so much pain, but that is the problem with dogs.  They can’t tell you when they are in pain, or how much pain they are in and Willow is such a gentle natured animal, she has never been aggressive or grumpy towards me or hubby, but if she had been, I might have wondered why.  I also understand now why she has been so dismissive with Alba, I mean let’s face it; if you or I had bad arthritis in our hips, we wouldn’t be happy with anyone who constantly ran into us and knocked us around, sending shockwaves of pain through our bodies…would we?

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