Tuesday, 1 May 2012

An introduction to my Girls

I thought it only fair to put my money were my mouth is.  I have boasted that my dogters, Willow Bear and Alba Wolf are ‘beautiful to the point of distraction’.  You don’t know me, so why should you believe me, that's fair enough so... I have posted a few photo's of my girls so that you can be the judge.

Remember… a mother’s love is often blind. (But I don’t think mine is…I told you, obsessed!)

Willow Bear – Strong and loving

Alba Wolf – Graceful and adventurous
Willow is showing her little sister the ropes



  1. Hey I love those puppies! Did you say you're writing about werewolves? About time we got a new writer out there. Did your dog give you the idea of writing about werewolves?

    1. Thanks for that, they are loveable. Yes I am writing about werewolves, or a lycan to be exact, and of course vampires. You should read 'Day One' blog that will tell you where the idea for my lycan came from.
      Keep enjoying.