Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Day to Celebrate

It is a simply gorgeous day today; there is no other way to describe it. I was up in time to see the delicate mist rising from the valley floor, and I watched as the low feathery clouds drifted down to greet it.  The mist and the clouds finally came together, like a lovers caress, and they created a mystical, shimmering lake.  If this were the gateway between heaven and earth, then I would have no qualms about making that journey.

A pale blue sky, speckled with white powder-puff clouds provided the perfect back-drop for our sun, and when she rose high enough I could feel the warmth she provides on my face; warmth that was pleasantly countered by the cool autumn breeze. The scene was picturesque and tranquil, a near perfect day, but…it’s still its bloody cold inside.

Enough of that!  You know I still have no idea if anyone is reading my blogs, but I am going to pretend that there are hundreds…no millions of avid fans all waiting for my next entry.  Yeah right, but a girl can dream can’t she?

I am getting a bit excited about handing over my manuscript to a publishing house.  I did mention briefly that I had written a Young Adult novel in the paranormal romance genre.  Well, one week from today it shall be winging its merry way, via email, to the publisher of my choice. I do hope that I can impress them enough that they want me to send the manuscript to them.  And yes, I know that the probability of this happening is less likely than me suddenly getting you guys to read my blogs.  But try and try again will I, in the hope of getting published.  Would you like to read a snippet?

Of course you would, just a taste then.

Psychologically the change had already begun; Vanda had opened herself mentally and was now ready to accept the physical change which was well on its way. She dropped down to her hands and knees in anticipation of the bitter sweet pain that was to follow. One by one her bones began to elongate, break apart and then reform underneath her writhing skin. A skin  which seemed to be fighting to contain her bones as they metamorphosed,  while externally her skin was rapidly developing a thick, jet black, glossy coat.
The vampires had foolishly waited for the change to begin, hoping to attack when she was most vulnerable, but vulnerable was not a word one would use to describe Vanda, or her wolf, whatever the stage of her transformation.  To the vampires it seemed that the Lycan in front of them was struggling within her own, still transforming skin, stretching and writhing in apparent agony, the perfect opportunity to attack - they were wrong.

If this is somthing you think you'd like to sink your teeth into, please…leave a comment and let me know.

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