Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's Done

This morning I submitted my manuscript.  Yes I finally did it.  I believe I followed the publishers submission guidelines precisely, and I have sent only what was required.   So… all I have to do now is wait.  Wait and hope that my work is good enough to entice them to want to read more.
I believe that it is good enough; I am of course somewhat biased, but even so…I have faith.   I have written a paranormal romance novel aimed at young adults, a genre which is very popular at this time.  It is centred on a group of teenagers in their last year at school and is set in Melbourne.  I mean why should America have all the fun?   I feel that my characters are strong enough, and my story different enough, to engage many readers who enjoy this particular genre, and have them waiting eagerly for the next book.  
Do not read this book if you want a slow paced love story.  Do read this book if you like an unpredictable story-line with complicated relationships, love, hate, vengeance and fights to the death.  New friendships’ are formed and tested as the teenagers have to learn how to survive this new and dangerous world that they have stumbled upon.
Will they all survive?
Will good prevail over evil?
Will you ever feel safe again as you walk the streets of Melbourne after dark?
These questions and more will be answered when my book gets published.
How’s that for positive thinking?
Chill out time for Hubby and the girls

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