Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Troubling News

I had intended to write something cheery on such a beautiful autumn day but I have just received some troubling news.

I took my Willow Bear to the vet last week to have a biopsy taken from a lump on her back.  I really did expect it to be a simple fatty lump, German shepherds are prone to those, but it turns out that it could be something a little more sinister.

The pathology results showed ‘Spindle cells’ which can often cause cancerous tumours in dogs, so my girl has to go under the knife. It could still be benign, fingers and everything else crossed, but we won’t know until it has been removed and sent back to the pathologist for analysis.  The vet, who I might add is exceptionally good, assured me that a good amount of tissue will be taken from around the lump to make sure nothing is left behind…just in case, so the prognosis is good.

I must admit I am feeling very flat after receiving the phone call and the problem is this; how can I explain to Willow, an animal who loves me unconditionally and trusts me with her life, that I am about to give her to a relative stranger who will proceed to cut a sizable portion of flesh off her back, which will result in her suffering a substantial amount pain for several days.  How can I do that?

I know that I could be preventing a course of chemotherapy treatment, and having a friend who is undergoing her second course of chemo for breast cancer, I know how nasty that is, or I could be saving her life by doing this, but it still begs the question…how on earth can I make her understand.  How can I make her understand that she has done nothing wrong, that she is not being punished and that I still love her?

Willow Bear
I guess I will just have to rely on the fact that dogs, unlike most humans, do not judge.  They do not hold grudges or seek revenge for perceived wrongs that have been done to them. I will just have to trust that she will continue to look through my eyes and deep into my soul, where she will see the love that I hold for her and maybe then, she will know that everything is going to be all right. 

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