Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Turkey Girl

Turkey girl was a beautiful Rooster, when the sun fell on his luxurious feathers he would simply shine. I have to say that it was always best to admire Turkey Girl at a distance, not for any aesthetic reasons, but because if you got to close he’d attack; and not in a, go away or I’ll chase you, way. But in a, when I catch you I’m gonna eat you, way. I’ll never forget that fateful day when Turkey Girl drew first blood.
In my defence, I have to say that he took me completely by surprise.  I had been cleaning the chook house, nattering away to the chooks and Turkey Girl, who were all hanging around to see if I had any treats for them, when suddenly Turkey Girl attacked.  He sunk his claws deep into my thighs then began to bite/peck my torso.  I have to say it hurt.  By the time I extracted myself from him I had some nasty scratches and multiple bruises.
Turkey Girl
 Turkey Girl developed a taste for human flesh after that, but the second time he attacked I was prepared, and I had my two German shepherds with me. I am embarrassed to say…we lost the fight. Turkey girl was one mean Rooster.

After these successful attacks, he started to stalk me, and any other human who entered his territory.  Sadly that territory was our entire garden. To try and put this into perspective, have you seen Jurassic Park? Remember the scene when the big guy was trying to get off the island with the stolen DNA?  Imagine how he felt when his car became stuck and he realised that he was being hunted by Velociraptors.  Well that’s how I felt every time I walked my back yard.
I have two acres of land and Turkey Girl, along with his harem, had the run of the place. I was sitting in the office one day when I looked out of the window to see Willow go running past, closely followed by Alba who was only 9 months old at the time, I remember thinking how sweet it was that they were playing together, but then I saw Turkey Girl hot on their heels. Again…I hang my head in shame.
I think Turkey Girl and my girls had a respectful love, hate relationship.  They would often come head to head, and as the girls learned to work together, the odds began to even, though I have to say Turkey Girl was often the victor. They were playing one day and I wish I had had a video camera.  Now Turkey girl always instigated the chase, he and the girls would circle each other warily until he decided whether or not they wanted a piece of his action that is…his hens. He would then lunge at whichever dog was nearest, and it was on.
Turkey Girl would attack and the girls would turn and run.  When there was enough distance between them, the girls would stop and then turn back to chase Turkey Girl.  He would run for a while, before realising his hens were watching, and not wanting to lose face, he’d stop, turn and chase the girls again.  They of course would again turn tail and run.  I kid you not; they did this over and over again.
This particular day though the girls were chasing Turkey Girl into a corner.  Realising there was no way out, he performed a jump up and over the girls that The Road Runner would have been proud of.  He landed several meters away from them and they then had to put the brakes on hard so as not to get sieved through the dog wire on the fence.
These games ended in one of two ways.  Turkey Girl, convinced that his hens were safe, would stop the chase or, the girls would pin Turkey Girl down on the ground until he conceded defeat. My girls are incredibly gentle and they never hurt him. When they convinced him that they had won this round, they would step back wait for him to stand up, shake himself down and wander back to his ladies. I know it sounds cruel, but there were never any injuries and as I said… Turkey Girl started it.
Nobody knows why Turkey Girl was the way he was.  Perhaps he was over protective of his hens, perhaps he was dropped on his head as an egg, or perhaps it was because we named him Turkey Girl.  Whatever the reason, many people fell prey to Turkey Girl, even after being warned about him.  I guess nobody believed the tales I told, nor understood my completely rational fear of roosters.

We later found out that Turkey Girl was a Malay Fighting Cock


  1. OMG!!! That is so scary!!!! What a crazy rooster. This is why I am terrified of chickens. They are ruthless!!!! LOL.

  2. They sure are! And that was just a small sample of the adventures of Turkey Girl. I hope you enjoyed the read, and remember...stay away from the chook pens!!!