Sunday, 1 July 2012

Finding the Time

Where is it? Where is the time? People keep telling me that I have to find the time to do everything I need to do. 
I have to find the time to keep on top of my Social Media; Facebook and Twitter, both of which have turned out to be very distracting. Even now I have to keep stopping to check what the new Tweets have to say, even though most have absolutely no meaning to me, and of course my blog.  Now I see my blog as being the most important of the Social Medias for me.  It showcases my writing skills, consistency and ambition. At least it does for those of you who take the time to read it, (a few comments and followers would be good as well guys.) But I digress.
I also have to find the time to research for my writing and to find potential publishers. I have to prepare query letters, cover letters and synopses. Why not send the same to all?  Simply put, not all publishers request the same information in the same format, and each new submission must be addressed specifically for the publisher it is intended for. No copy and paste here guys.
Okay, so what else is there? I sleep when I need, that is the one thing my body insists upon, I don’t eat regularly, but that’s not all bad as I could do with losing a few kilos. We live on 2 acres and since hubby works full-time, the property is my responsibility, as are the dogs the chooks, the orchard and the vegie garden. Then there is the house-work, of course, washing, ironing and preparing meals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this, I mean I love my lifestyle and not having to work is a blessing, but I need to write, and that is the one thing that I am having trouble trying to find the time to do. Does this sound familiar?
My first book is complete and currently holding its breath at the publisher’s office, I have outlined books two and three and have started writing book two. But…I want to really get stuck into it and I just can’t find the time, so…if anyone out there knows where it is, please…just tell me.
Seriously though, it is hard to juggle day to day life with a love of writing, but not impossible.  You just have to find a method that works for you, be it writing when the inspiration hits you or writing to a timetable.  Personally, I find it best to break up my day into timed segments, that way I can fit everything in, and I always factor in a good deal of fun-time with my girls. I have to…they’d bite me on the bum if I didn’t.  Anyway…I am an early riser so I generally have all of my domestic duties under control, the chooks fed and the girls’ first playtime out of the way by 9am.  That’s when I make my way into my office, with a steaming mug of coffee clutched tightly in my hand.  I then spend no less than 2, and no more than 3 hours on my Social Media, before stopping for a break and a play with my girls. Then it’s down to business.
Depending on what stage I am at, I will either get straight into my research, or pick up my story where I left off. Today, as soon as I have posted this, I will be making another cuppa, and then I will open my folder labelled, A Taste of the Past, which is the sequel to A Taste of Reality, and is the second book in my Reality Bites trilogy, to review and then to continue my work. 
I will take a break for lunch when my stomach tells me to, and I generally work through until 4:30-5pm when I start to think about dinner and begin to wind down. I know that some writers will go all night, (writing people, writing) but that is not for me. My body is very regimented and at 6:07pm precisely my brain clocks off, or as my husband so succinctly puts it, I hit the wall.
So for me a 9 to 5 working day suits me well, I fit in a good 6 hours of quality work per day and I am happy with that. But everyone is different and trial and error is needed to find the most workable regime for you. All I will say is, once you have found a good working routine, whatever it may be, stick to it.
There's always time to chill out
I take one day off work, writing,  a week to do the groceries and a ‘big clean’. I read whenever I can, I need four hours to mow the paddock, oh, and I have two new gardens to buy for and plant. I also have to make the curtains for the office and move all of our 1000+ books from the laundry cupboard to somewhere else, because the mice are eating them. The girls need a bath and the chooks need de-lousing.  The fruit trees need feeding and pruning and my rose garden needs tending to, I have to take the trailer to get more mulch and order the sleepers for the new sections.  I need…I need… bugger it…I need more time!

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