Saturday, 25 January 2014

I'm published!

Okay, so I haven't been picked up by a publisher, but I have self-published.  I have joined the proud ranks of the Indies, and this morning my first Book, A Taste of Reality, became available through Amazon.

It has been a long time coming, and I'll be the first to admit that there is a lot more to writing and getting published than I first thought. Now, almost two years to the day when I first started this project, I have learnt more than I can remember, luckily I took notes. My second book will come together more quickly and smoothly, (I hope) and it is my plan to have it published sometime this year.

But back my newly published book. Sadly, writing and publishing is still only the tip of the iceberg, now I have to sell it. And for that I need your help! I know I haven't been the most consistent blogger, to be honest I just can't find the time, but here I am now, asking for your help.

This link, will take you directly to my book, if you think it is something you might enjoy, I encourage you to buy it, read it and leave a review/comment. If it is not to your taste, but you know someone who likes this genre, then please, share this link with them.

Yes I admit, this is a blatant attempt to sell my book, but please don't think badly of me. I have no other means of advertising or promoting my work.  The following link is to my Facebook page,
again feel free to share, like and leave comments on this page.

Now to pique your interest, her is the blurb on my book.

When Rosie and her friends discover that Melbourne’s nights are ruled by a secret society of vampires, their lives are changed forever.
The death of a single vampire ignites the fanatical wrath of a pure-blood, who actively hunts the teenagers. Faced with the fight of their lives, they discover that one of their friends is “not quite human” and Sorin, an enigmatic man who demands their trust, is clearly obsessed with Rosie.
Battles are fought and lives are lost, but the final explosive conflict leaves the teenagers distraught and confused. Only one thing is clear–life will never be the same. For some, neither will death…

I do hope you have the opportunity to purchase A Taste of Reality, but more importantly, I hope that you enjoy it! 

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