Monday, 31 March 2014

Do FREE book promotions work?

A little while ago I posted, "Do FREE book promotions work? I'm about to find out" on LinkedIn.
Well, I have the answer for you, at least a partial answer. You see, this really requires a two part answer.
Firstly, did people actually download the book?
Secondly, have I generated any long term sales or interest from the free downloads?
The free promo only ended on the 28th March so I can’t answer the second part yet, but I can answer the first. And the short answer is yes.

The promo ran for three days, with the free download through Amazon.  I pounded the information super-highway for days leading up to the promo, and all through the promo, selling my wares, so to speak. However, I wasn't seeing any results through KDP and was getting a little worried so I decided to try a “Boost your post” on Facebook for two days. The post simply advised that the book was free and provided the link direct to Amazon.
I won’t bore you with all the stats, but I was very specific in my targeting parameters, playing around with the variables until I found the best fit; then hit the “Boost your post” button with fingers crossed.

I have to say, the results were impressive. My average “People who saw your post”  on Facebook is 30. By the end of the two day “Boost” period, my post had been seen by 20,880 people. I kid you not. Now obviously not everyone acted on my post and out of that huge number a scant 75 clicked on my link to the book. I have no idea how many of those 75 actually downloaded the book, holding in mind that they were interested enough to follow the link, maybe a quarter of that number would have downloaded, but that’s pure conjecture on my part.

Okay, so far there are some high numbers that don’t seem to account for much, but the combination of the Facebook post, and my peddling, have created an impact. I checked my KDP reports this morning and the total number of free downloaded copies is –172. Not earth shattering I know, but I am very happy with that.

Time will tell if I this will have a run off effect on my actual sales; I think it will. Remember, 20,880 people saw my post, my cover and my title. That’s not a bad bit of marketing by anyone’s account, let alone an Indie Author trying to push her first book.  Maybe a few of those 20,880 (I just like saying it) people will hear through the grapevine that the book is, “a good read” or my favorite, “awesome!”  and will decided to download it for themselves.

I believe that this is a step closer to success, and the ever elusive book deal. Here’s hoping.